Mother Outraged After Daughter Is Sent Home From School For Wearing Leggings


A Philadelphia mother is outraged after her daughter was sent home from school for wearing leggings.

Falina Hodges says her daughter Nautica was told to go home when she arrived at Overbrook High on Dec. 9 because she was wearing leggings, Fox 29 reported.

Hodges added that her daughter, who is a sophomore, had been wearing the same leggings all year long as part of the uniform.

“I was very upset,” Hodges told Fox 29. “If that was your child how would you feel? I sent my daughter to school on time and here she go late, and standing outside for two extra hours.”

Hodges also wrote a Facebook post about the issue:

She then posted the Facebook post on the news station’s Facebook page. She wrote:

“FOX 29 can someone please help me with this situation with my daughter's school overbook high instead of this school worrying about these kids getting their education they rather send the kids home are have them sit out in the cold because of what they aren't wearing... In this case my child was told she couldn't go in her school and had to stand out in the cold for about two to three hours because a grown man that works at the school think that she have on tights which in this picture she clearly doesn't...this school district is a disgrace.... PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!”

Nautica missed class that day and was reprimanded. But what has Hodges most upset is that the person who deemed the leggings inappropriate was a man.

“Why isn't it a woman in the front looking out these little girls,” Hodgestold Fox 29. “I feel like it shouldn't be no grown man looking at teenage girl to see if she have tights or pants on just the bottom line.”

School district officials told the news station that all forms of tight clothing are prohibited at Overbrook High.

Sources: Fox 29, Facebook / Photo Credit: Fox 29

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