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'She Could Have Died': 9-Year-Old Hospitalized After Classmate Stabs Her In The Face With Scissors

A Houston mother says her 9-year-old daughter could have died after she was stabbed multiple times in the face with a pair of scissors by a classmate in her after-school program.

The incident occurred at Pleasantville Elementary on Nov. 16, KHOU reported. Sharina Smith received a phone call from the school informing her that her daughter, Saniya Smith, had been cut by an 8-year-old classmate.

“You would just think, OK children playing with scissors and accidents happen,” Sharina told KHOU. “This was no accident.”

Saniya told the news station that she was stabbed after an argument broke out over who was going to erase the chalkboard.

“She started hitting me and then she hit me with the scissors,” the third-grader said.explained.

Saniya’s grandmother, Faye Dorron, went to the school to pick the child up. She was expecting a minor cut, but what she found was far worse.

“I trailed the blood, and that's how I found her,” Dorron recalled. “And when I seen her I was like, ‘oh my God!’”

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(Blood on Saniya Smith's dress after the scissor stabbing incident. Photo Credit: ABC 7 Chicago)

She rushed Saniya to a nearby hospital for treatment.

“She was bleeding so bad they actually had to stitch the artery or close the inside of the artery and outside of the wound,” Sharina said. “The doctor actually said that she could have died from so much of the blood that she lost on the way to the hospital. I don't know how a child could lose this much blood.”

Houston Independent School District (HISD) issued the following statement:

“A Pleasantville Elementary third grader was injured Monday during a brief altercation with a classmate. Administrators quickly intervened. The safety of students and staff is always HISD's top priority. Appropriate disciplinary action is being taken per the HISD Student Code of Conduct.”

Given the severity of Saniya’s injury, the family said it doesn't understand why the school didn’t call paramedics or how it could allow  something like this to happen in a classroom.

The district said those decisions are made on a case-by-case basis and that the principal decided to call the parents first.

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(Sharina and Saniya Smith. Photo Credit: KHOU)

HISD officials added that the situation did not seem serious enough for an ambulance and pointed out that the family lived only a few blocks away from the school, ABC 7 Chicago reported.

The district confirmed that the student who stabbed Saniya has been suspended. The child is too young to face criminal charges.

As for the Smith family, it says it is strongly considering homeschooling after the incident.

“It's just the scariest thing to ever have to go through,” Sharina told KHOU.

Sources: KHOU, ABC 7 Chicago / Photo credit: KHOU, ABC 7 Chicago

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