Mother of Nine Nina Koistinen Kills Newborn Out of Jealousy


A mother of nine children in Arizona was arrested on Sunday for deliberately suffocating her newborn daughter.

Nina Koistinen first claimed that she accidentally fell asleep on top of her six-day-old daughter Maya when she was feeding her.

Her husband Bradley found the baby unresponsive and took her to Paradise Valley Hospital where she was pronounced dead. 

The smothering occurred on April 8. 

After an autopsy revealed the infant may have been intentionally smothered, Nina confessed to police that she did it on purpose. 

She said she plugged the baby's nose and covered her mouth so she couldn't breathe.

She said she was overwhelmed with the amount of children she had and was also jealous of the baby because Bradley paid attention to it. 

The family has a history of CPS reports that documented Nina saying she wanted to suffocate her children or wished they would die in a car accident.

Nina had her first court appearance on Friday, where Bradley stood by her and told the court she had a history of mental illness. He said she suffered from schizophrenia, depression and bipolar disorder.

"She has been the greatest mother to our kids. Never once has hurt any of our kids," Bradley said.

Sources: Examiner, Inquisitr


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