Mother Neglected Son, 4, Because She Was 'Too Busy Having Sex'; Locked Him Up In Bedroom For 12 Days


A mother was arrested after locking her 4-year-old son in his room for 12 days, only sliding food under the door because she was “too busy having sex.”

Mad World News reports that the boy weighed a little over 18 pounds, and authorities say he was about two days away from dying when he was found at the family home in Adelaide.

The 24-year-old mother says she was too busy with her boyfriend to take care the child.

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“I've messed up, I've done the wrong thing. I know I shouldn't have thought about my man before my son," the Australian womantold “I didn't associate with my child like I should have, instead I was too busy having sex with (her partner).”

While the unidentified boy starved in a small room, the mother was cooking food for herself and her significant other, which she photographed and posted on Facebook.

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The home was also filled with dirty diapers, trash and even the boy’s own waste.

Police only learned of the unsuitable living conditions because the mother called them after her boyfriend assaulted her, the court was told.

It was revealed that the 28-year-old father, who has been questioned for failing to stop the cruelty, caused the mother to miscarry a previous pregnancy when he kicked her in the stomach.

Doctors say the boy was 10 percent dehydrated and was two days away from reaching a critical level of 15 percent.

Both mother and father have pleaded guilty to an aggravated charge of endangering their son’s life, according to the Daily Mail. Both will be sentenced in December.

The Adelaide court was also told that authorities were aware the father had previously had a child removed from his care.

Although the young victim was taken away from his parents last year and is now in foster care, he still hides food in his pockets, hates closed doors, is not toilet trained and has limited language skills. He underwent surgery to extract a significant number of teeth because of decay.

A victim impact statement, compiled by authorities and the boy’s foster parents, said the boy has never experienced family activities. He would not come out of his room for the first six months following his removal, waiting for someone to come in, instead.

Sources: Mad World Mail


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