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Girl Asks To Shave Her Head -- And Her Mom's Response Is Amazing

Paige Lucas-Stannard, a mother of three and blogger from Columbiana County, Ohio, had reservations when her daughter, Aellyn, asked for a buzzcut. 

When Aellyn asked for the buzzcut, which had been inspired by Aellyn's father's haircut, Paige agreed to it, but decided not to bring it up again, according to her blog. Paige thought that Aellyn might forget about the request -- but she didn't. Thus, Paige followed through on her promise and shaved her daughter's head.

Paige, who runs the blog Baby Dust Diaries and has written a book on gender neutral parenting, explained in a blog post why she did it -- and how she explained the potential drawbacks to her daughter.

"We talk about sexism a lot and I told her the morning before we cut it that some people think girls shouldnt have shaved heads," Paige wrote. "She said, 'No way. Girls can have their hair anyway they want.'"

Paige admitted in the blog post that growing up in a culture that values long hair on women had shaped her perspective, which made her hesitant to shave her daughter's head.

She explained that if she tried to talk Aellyn out of the haircut “… I would have told her that her appearance is important TO ME and that she exists for the consumption of others.

"That how others view her is more important than her internal voice, sense of adventure, and inherent value," she added. "That her decisions should be made based on external 'rules' and not her own sense of what is right or wrong for her.”

Though Paige and her husband Pete filmed the haircut and Aellyn is happy with her new look, not everyone is satisfied. One commenter wrote, “This is like telling your kids they can dress however they like at a country club.

"They will be stopped at the door and told to dress by the guidelines," the commenter added. "As liberating and free thought as you think you are, there is the harsh reality of cultural norms that tell you how to act and look.”

Others were more supportive.

“Amazing! The conditioning is hard to fight but we have to if we want a better place for our kids to live. We have to teach them to create that better place!,” one person wrote.

Sources: Mirror, Baby Dust Diaries

Image via Baby Dust Diaries


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