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Mother Makes Unexpected Discovery After Hospital Says Her Newborn Baby Is Healthy (Photo)

Thanks to a mother's instinct, her newborn daughter is still alive after a misdiagnosis at birth.

Tiffany Beach knew that something was wrong with her newborn baby girl, Abiageal. According to NBC 12 News, the baby could shake and scream constantly, but the hospital told her that there was nothing to worry about.

"They kept telling us that everything was fine," the mother said. "It was newborn jitters. I assumed that they know what they’re doing, so I didn’t question it anymore."

As Abiageal would not stop crying, and now had a fever, Tiffany brought her back to the hospital. Again, she was told that nothing was wrong.

"I knew something," Tiffany said. "I had that feeling. Something just didn’t seem right, you know?"

Tiffany recorded her daughter on camera, as she was sure that her baby was suffering from seizures. Later, her daughter refused to eat and started vomiting. Tiffany took her to a different hospital, Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center.

Her instincts were confirmed. Abiageal was found to have seizures, a stroke, a heart murmur, and blood on her brain.

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On the Go Fund Me page set up to help with Abiageal's medical costs, Tiffany detailed this difficult experience.

"Our 9 day old little girl was diagnosed with Sinus Venous Thrombosis of the head as well as active Seizures and a Stroke. The doctors here are trying to figure out what's best for Abiageal, while trying to make the safest choice as possible."

Tiffany and her husband were told she had a 2 to 22 percent chance of survival.

"That was really devastating news that she’s seizing, she’s clotting, and she’s bleeding to death," Tiffany told NBC 12 News. "Thank God that my mother instincts kicked in. Because if I had not done what I did, they said she wouldn't have been alive the next day. She would not have been alive."

Although Tiffany is concerned that the misdiagnosis may have long-term effects for her daughter, Abiageal appears to be improving.

"Well surgery went great!!!" according to an update on Go Fund me. "Miss. Abiageal is in her room and recovering just fine God is great.... and you all as well"

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