Mother Loses Custody Of Kids Over Marijuana Butter

A mother's children have been taken away from her after she served her daughter marijuana butter as a remedy for the child's seizures.

Idaho resident Kelsey Osborne says her daughter, Madyson, 3, and her son, Ryker, 2, were taken from her by the Department of Health and Welfare, reports the Daily Mail.

Marijuana butter is used for cooking and baking, as an alternative to smoking the drug. Recipes for making it are readily available online, and there’s even a commercial product called “Maributter.”

In Idaho, medical marijuana is legal for children in cases where it has been medically approved. However, the formulation of marijuana used for medical purposes is reportedly different than the recreational form that Osborne was using for her daughter.

As explained by Tom Shanahan, spokesman for the Department of Health and Welfare: “The one they use for epilepsy doesn't have THC, it doesn't appear to have any kind of brain development issues. Recreational marijuana does cause that so it's not safe for these children.”

For that reason, authorities transferred custody of Osborne’s children to their father, leaving the mother only with supervised visits.

“It’s something that I'm going to fight for and I'm not going to give up until I have them back home where they have been begging me to be,” Osborne said in an interview with KBOI. “I'm not going to stop. I won't stop. If it takes me two years, then it's going to take me two years.”

Osborne’s supporters have launched a petition to return the children to her custody, with 719 signatures so far. Once the petition has 1,000 signatures, it becomes eligible for review by Republican Idaho governor Butch Otter.

The petition calls for logic and science to win over opinion:

Regardless of Idaho laws surrounding marijuana, a parent's responsibility is for the care, control, and the well being of their children. Idaho laws should reflect science and logic and not impede upon a parent's rights to choose what is best for their children. The Osborne case shows the failure of prohibition in Idaho and the need for reform of the archaic laws and CPS policies that prevent families from choosing a safer medical alternative for their families. Return the Osborne children to their mother, and change Idaho Marijuana laws/policy.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Cannabist, Maributter.com / Photo credit: Kelsey Osborne/Facebook via Daily Mail

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