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Police: Mom Kept Sons In Boxes With Feces And Urine

A mother in Kanawha County, West Virginia, has been charged with child neglect after she allegedly kept her two sons in crates filled with urine and feces.

Kristal Richard, 33, was arrested on May 8 after police conducted a welfare check based on an anonymous tip. Officers found the two boys, aged 2 and 5, inside small, dog kennel-like crates made of tarp, plywood, and mesh, Daily Mail reports.

Richard admitted that she kept the boys locked in the boxes for most of the day. The 2-year-old was in a 4-foot tall and 6-foot wide box, while his older brother's box was even smaller.

The children were both naked, and had no access to bathrooms, so they were forced to soil the inside of the boxes.

Troopers reported that when they freed the 5-year-old from the box, he shouted, "Yippee!"

Richard told authorities that she was not fit to take care of the children. She was charged with two counts of child neglect and is being held in jail on a $10,000 bond.

Child Protective Services are reported to have removed the children from the home and placed them in the custody of relatives.

In a similar case in January that was described as being "like a horror movie," a mom in Utah kept her 12-year-old son locked in a bathroom for over a year, according to People.

The boy was said to be so malnourished that he only weighed 30 pounds when authorities rescued him.

Washington County Sheriff's Lt. David Crouse compared the boy's living conditions to a "torture chamber," adding that he may have been in the bathroom for as long as two years.

Brandy Jaynes, the boy's 36-year-old mother, was charged with felony child abuse.

"It was a small bathroom with feces and urine all over the floor."

The lights in the bathroom were kept off, with the light switches covered in layers of duct tape, according to police.

"We are just at the tip of the iceberg here as far as how and why this happened and how it will affect the child long term," said Crouse. "We want to interview everyone involved. We don't want to miss any angle on this."

Crouse said that the boy is doing better, but did not give an estimate as to how long he will need to recover fully -- or if he ever will.

"I wish I could unsee it," Crouse said of the horrifying conditions the boy was forced to live in.

Sources: Daily Mail, People / Photo credit: Pixabay

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