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Mother Kills Three Children and Herself, Leaves Disturbing Notes Behind

Disturbing details have emerged in the murder case of three young U.K. siblings.

Mirror reports today that Fiona Anderson, 23, killed her three children and then inscribed a number of eerie messages on their bodies before leaping to her own death. She was eight months pregnant at the time.

When police arrived at Anderson’s home following the deaths, they found a number of disturbing messages written on the walls.

“I put them to bed with their bears,” one message said. “They love their bears.”

Another: “I love them and I’m going to keep them safe.”

And finally: “They’re cuddled up sleeping together. They look so peaceful.”

Police found hearts drawn on each child’s torso. Their foreheads had lipstick marks from a kiss.

The murders and suicide were sparked by an argument Anderson had with the father of the children days before. According to Mirror, the father informed Anderson that he was seeing another woman. That confession proved too much for Anderson to handle. Family members told MailOnline she long suffered from mental illness.

“Fiona was a beautiful, intelligent girl and a loving and caring person,” a statement from her family said, “but she had suffered from mental illness since she was young and we believe she was driven to her actions ... This was not our Fiona - she was not herself. She cared passionately about others but often brought stress on herself by caring too much. She was gentle but ended up under too much pressure.”

Lowestoft Chief Police Inspector Andy Smith echoed those sentiments.

“She felt unable to cope with the situation and apologetically outlined her intention to take her children with her," Smith said. "In her words: A mother never abandons her children."

Sources: Mirror, MailOnline / Photo Credit: Suffolk Constabulary


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