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Mother Kills Baby After Accidentally Serving Methadone

A two year old child died on Friday after his mother accidentally served him a drink containing the powerful opiate painkiller methadone.

The child, Aiden Goff, died after mother Jill Goff served him a pink drink in a sippy cup that contained the drug. The drink was originally in a Gatorade bottle and Goff claims she was completely unaware the mix contained methadone.

Goff said she hesitated to call 911 after first realizing she’d served her child the drink. Before she discovered her mistake, two of her other children had already ingested the concoction as well. The children all told Goff the drink was gross. One child told her it “tasted like medicine.” That comment prompted Goff to try the drink herself. Only then did she realize what she had done.

Goff monitored her two year old in the following hours, but called 911 when he stopped breathing. He was taken to a local hospital but died shortly after. The other two children who ingested the drink were hospitalized with ailments as well. Both survivied and tested positive for methadone.

Police believe Goff obtained the drug legally, but they are not sure why it was mixed into a liquid form. Tooele, Utah police Captain Paul Wimmer reports that although Goff’s misstep was careless, it appears to be a genuine mistake.

“We think she may have inadvertently served it,” Wimmer said. “While we don’t have any evidence that suggests that she was trying to harm the children with it, there is a certain level of care that is required with such a dangerous substance and medication.”

Goff is the mother of four children. Her children are staying with relatives while Goff’s legal processions move forward. Though the poisoning doesn’t look to be intentional, she was still arrested on suspicions of homicide.  She has been charged with two counts of child abuse and endangerment of a child or vulnerable adult. 

Sources: The Salt Lake Tribune, Mail Online


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