Mother Killed by Train, After Freeing Baby Stroller from Train Track

(Editor's update: The woman has been identified as 33-year-old Susan Dibene. Photo below.)

Last night, in Riverside, California, a mother was killed after her baby's stroller got caught in some train tracks at a railroad crossing. However, she was able to save her child at the last minute by pushing her out of the way.

The woman, who has not yet been identified, walked on the tracks with the baby stroller even though the crossing arms were down, police said.

Riverside police Sergeant Dan Warren said. "She didn't quite make it. The baby's fine, but she got hit."

Sergeant Kendall Banks added: "The arms were down, lights were going and she tried to cross anyway and the stroller got stuck and she didn't make it."

Witness Sandra Castillo was walking past the scene when she spotted the child alone in her stroller: "All I did was get the baby, get her in the side walk. Because I didn't want her to get hit by other cars. I was like, did she just randomly come out of nowhere? Did she fall off the train? But no, her mum got run over."

Passengers said the train, which was going from Oceanside to San Bernardino, stopped after the collision and investigators were called.

None of the 50 passengers on the train was injured and the young girl was treated at a local hospital as a precaution.

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