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Mom: McDonald's Playpen Was Covered In Feces

Mom: McDonald's Playpen Was Covered In Feces Promo Image

A New Hampshire mother is demanding McDonald's apologize after she says her son left one of its restaurant's play areas covered in human waste.

Justina Whitmore says she was eating at the restaurant in Manchester, New Hampshire, when her 5-year-old son, Gabriel, emerged from the slide covered in another child's feces, reports the Daily Mail. Another child in the play area had a full diaper and soiled the play equipment.

"I was still eating and the next thing I knew he came out and just state there was poop all inside the slide," she said, WFXT reports. "When he came out, he was covered in poop."

Whitmore wasn't just disgusted -- she was also worried. Her son has eczema and she had to take the boy to the emergency room for a checkup.

Despite this, the mother alleges McDonald's employees showed little concern and were unhelpful when she told them there was no soap or supplies in the restaurant's bathroom.

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"I went over to the counter and said, 'Are you going to give me any paper towels or anything to help clean my son off,' and they were just laughing and arguing about who should clean it up," she said.

For the next 10 minutes, she says she begged employees to help her -- but they ignored the mother instead, opting for smoke breaks.

So, she did her best to clean up her son.

"I was at that point just using my bare hands and fortunate one of his socks did not have poop on it so I was just using his left sock to scrape it off his skin," Whitmore said.

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"I’m sure employees go to the bathroom," she later said. "There’s no soap. How are they washing their hands?"

Now Whitmore is demanding the franchise owner apologize, but she says she has to yet from him personally.

"The safety and well-being of our customers are our top priorities," the franchise owner, Michael Gambino, said in a statement to WFXT. "We are investigating the situation and will take any appropriate measures to address."

News of the incident has since sparked outrage, prompting many to question the cleanliness of the chain's restaurants.

"Some parents are nasty, change your kids diaper!" wrote one Daily Mail reader. "Mcdonalds you nasty too, get some soap and clean the store."

A few defended the workers.

"Lady, those employees don't get paid nearly enough to touch that playpen with a barge-pole," wrote one person.

"I'm just having a hard time believing this womans story because if she was that frantic to clean her son then she wouldn't have spent 10 minutes asking for towels at the counter when she could have taken him to the bathroom and cleaned him up," added another. "It doesn't make any sense. And when something doesn't make sense, it's normally not true...."

Sources: Daily Mail, WFXT / Photo credit: mliu92/Flickr, Google Street View via Daily Mail, Facebook via Daily Mail

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