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Mother Hit With 11 Felony Charges After Killing Daughter, Forcing Children To Take Drugs

Custody battles can get really ugly sometimes. We all know that. But what took place in Pinal County, Florida recently is on an entirely different level.

35-year-old woman Connie Villa is facing a slew of charges including first degree murder, attempted first degree murder, kidnapping, and child abuse.

Villa told Pinal County investigators she strangled her daughter to death because she wouldn’t take prescription narcotic drugs. Villa succeeded in forcing her other four children to take the drugs, though police report the children are now in good health.

Oddly, Villa told detectives her motive in abusing the children was to ensure her ex-husband did not get custody of them.

Villa’s attempted murder charges comes after she tried to kill her ex-husband. According to Pinal County police spokesman Thomas Anderson, Villa lured her ex-husband into her home and proceeded to stab him in his upper torso. She again said her reason for the stabbing was to prevent the man from attaining custody of their children.

In total, Villa has been cited with 11 felony charges. She was formally charged in an indictment released by a grand jury on Monday.

Sources: Huffington Post, ABC-15


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