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Mother Goes Into Syria Undercover, Rescues Daughter From ISIS

Leave it to a mother to pull off an incredible rescue mission and save her child.

A Dutch mom, identified only as Monique, is receiving praise around the web today after it was revealed she went into Syria and rescued her daughter from ISIS control.

Monique’s daughter, Aicha, left the Netherlands for Syria at age 18 when she decided she wanted to marry jihadi Omar Yilmaz. Not surprisingly, Aicha soon found herself in serious trouble and wanted to return home. She needed help escaping, though. That’s where her mother stepped in.

Against all warnings from friends and government officials, Monique arranged a plan to enter Syria and rescue her daughter. She flew into Turkey and then, disguised in a burka, met with her daughter in Raqqa, Syria – the hub city of ISIS.

"She wanted to go home but could not leave Raqqa without help,” Monique told Dutch paper Algemeen Dagblad. “Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. This is what I think is right.”

Against all odds, the rescue was a success. She rendezvoused with her daughter at a meeting point in Raqqa and crossed back into Turkey. Authorities are now working on bringing the pair back to the Netherlands. The family’s lawyer, Francoise Landerloo, can’t believe Monique pulled off the feat.

“It’s quite remarkable that the mother managed to find and get her daughter,” he said.

Sources: Telegraph, Algemeen Dagblad / Photo Credit: DN, Paul Dornau/Flickr


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