Mother Arrested For Brutally Murdering Her Three Young Daughters

A Southern California woman is facing murder charges after authorities discovered her naked and lying in a pool of blood next to the bodies of her three young daughters.

30-year-old Carol Coronado was found in bed with her 3-year-old, 2-year-old and 2-month-old daughters. Coronado was reportedly naked and holding the knife that she used to murder her children. Authorities arrived at the home after Coronado’s mother frantically called 911 to tell them that her daughter had killed or was in the process of killing the children.

Police arrested Coronado on the spot and brought her to a local hospital for an evaluation.

“When they arrived, they were met by family members who told the deputies that a mother had killed her children,” said the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department in a statement.

Ashley Madrid, a neighbor of the Coronado family, said that Carol’s husband Rodolfo was working on his car across the street when the murders happened, and she witnessed his tragic reaction.

“I saw when they were bringing him out," said Madrid. “He was crying. He was crying, ‘She killed my daughters!’”

According to reports, Coronado had called her mother earlier in the day to tell her that she was “going crazy.”

Coronado had reportedly tried to cut her own wrists after brutally murdering her three children. As police took her out of the home, she was covered in blood, presumably a mix of her own and her children's.

“She was full of blood on her face and arms,” said Madrid.

Coronado is now facing murder charges, and police have yet to determine the woman’s motive.

Sources: Daily Mail, NBC Los Angeles, Huffington Post


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