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Mother Helps Out Her 13 Year-Old Daughter’s Killer

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Ady Guzman-DeJesus of Miami, Fla., has performed an act so kind that the judge of her court case deemed it unimaginable. 

In November 2012, Guzman-Dejesus’ daughter, Lourdes “Jina” Guzman-DeJesus, was shot dead by classmate Jordyn Howe. Now, 19 months after the incident, Howe is being sentenced in court.

When Ms. Guzman-DeJesus saw her daughter’s killer in court on the first day of hearing, she did the unthinkable: she approached her daughter’s killer and hugged him.

According to eyewitness accounts, the 16 year-old boy fought back tears and choked out the words “I’m sorry,” to the mother of his victim.

The murder of Ady Guzman-DeJesus' daughter occurred in 2012 when Howe, then 14 years-old, brought his stepfather's pistol into school to show off to his friends. While sitting in the back of the school bus, however, something went terribly wrong and the gun discharged.

The misfired bullet hit 13 year-old Jina in the neck. She was pronounced dead at the hospital. 

Howe has already pleaded guilty to manslaughter with a deadly weapon, possession of a firearm by a minor and carrying a concealed weapon. Even with these charges, the boy will avoid jail time, in part thanks to the forgiveness of his killer’s mother.

The Miami Herald reports that the grieving mother “blessed a plea deal that will allow Howe to avoid prison for the awful mistake that killed Lourdes 'Jina' Guzman-DeJesus. Instead, Howe will attend a youth camp for a year and agree to speak at schools about the dangers of guns — alongside the mother of the girl he killed.”

Ellen Sue Venzer, the judge of this case, remarked, “In 20 years, I’ve watched human tragedy unfold in this courtroom." She added, “I could have never imagined a victim’s mother embracing her child’s killer.”

According to the Huffington Post, Howe and Jina were friends, and this factored into the kindness of Ady's actions. When discussing the boy's sentence, Ms. Guzman-DeJesus claimed that she knows her daughter "wouldn’t want the worst" for the young man.

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