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Mother Who Lost Daughter When Friend Ran Her Over Gives Birth To New Baby

Tenino, Washington, mother Brynn Johnson managed to forgive her best friend, who accidentally ran over and killed her 17-month-old daughter, Rowyn, in September 2014.

Just over a year later, Johnson, 32, and her friend Cassie Miller, also 32, are both celebrating the birth of Johnson’s daughter, Mynrow, Daily Mail reported.

“Mynrow's birth was incredibly emotional for all of us,” Johnson told the Daily Mail in an exclusive interview, which was published on Oct. 22.

“We chose the name Mynrow as it is almost an anagram of Rowyn's name, it just seemed perfect,” she added.

The two friends said they became closer after Rowyn’s death, even setting up a charity in her name to support families dealing with the loss of a child.

Called "Raise for Rowyn," the charity has helped 24 families since April, according to the Chronicle. It assists with end of life costs and also helps cover medical bills.

The tragic incident occurred one morning when Miller came to pick up Wyatt, Johnson’s son, for pre-school.

“Wyatt was crying as he didn't want to go to school, so Brynn and I were trying our best to get him in the car,” Miller told the Daily Mail.

“Brynn had gone round the side of the house to get his booster seat and at that moment Wyatt jumped out of my car and ran back in the house,” she added.

“It was then that Rowyn got out and came down the steps. I thought Rowyn was on the porch as I pulled out of the drive. But suddenly I felt a thump and both boys said 'What was that?'" Miller said. "I will never forget looking out of the rear view window and seeing Rowyn's lifeless body lying in the driveway.

"I saw her at exactly the same time as Brynn. I dived out of the car and as I scooped her out of Brynn's arms to lay her in the grass and give her CPR, I saw that Brynn's white robe was covered in blood.”

An ambulance was called but Rowyn could not be revived.

Johnson refused to blame Miller for the accident. She spoke about how Miller was one of the first people to visit after she and Mynrow came home from hospital.

“She has an instant love for her just like she did Rowyn," Johnson added. "It was very emotional for her as well and it was so beautiful to see the love in her eyes as she held her for the first time."

Sources: Daily Mail, The Chronicle / Photo credit: Daily Mail


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