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'Kids Should Be Able To Go Outside And Play': Mom Finds Used Needles In Park (Photos)

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Parents in Auburn, Washington, expressed concern after used needles were reportedly found in a neighborhood park where their kids often play.

Amanda Wolf says she’s found dozens of used syringes at Les Grove Park, including one that was finger-deep in a sandbox, according to Q13 Fox.

“You can get HIV, hepatitis anything from this,” Wolf told Q13 Fox.

The park closes at 9 p.m., but it is not gated or locked — meaning anyone can enter at any time of night. Many parents said the park has become a go-to location for drug use and homeless people.

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“Kids should be able to go outside and play, but when you’re finding these all over your front yard, your backyard,” Wolf said. “It makes you fear what your daughter could come down with if she does get stabbed.”

Wolf’s neighbor, Yvonne Cain, said she limits the time her twins spend at the park out of fear for their safety.

“There’s a lot of drug activity, there’s a lot of homeless people running around here,” Cain said. “I don’t think it’s safe for nobody’s kids to be out here unsupervised.”

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Local parents have begun to voice their frustration over the situation, which they say has been overlooked by authorities.

“I’ve called cops constantly trying to get them out here, trying to get the homeless people away because that’s where this is coming from,” Wolf said. 

The terrified mother said the problem recently made its way to her home.

“I have a bottle of urine at my home that someone left in my front yard and my daughter, not knowing what it is, could pick it up thinking it’s apple juice,” she said.

“I do understand they’re (the police) doing everything they can and within their powers but something more needs to be done," she added. "We need to protect our children.”

A similar incident occurred last month in San Francisco, when needles and other drug paraphernalia were discovered in sandboxes at a local park, according to SF Gate.

Sources: Q13 Fox, SF Gate

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