Mother Finds Shocking Note Attached To Daughter's Ballet Tights


A woman was shocked to discover that along with a pair of tights for her daughter was a note from the seller begging her to give them positive feedback because their boss is an "assh**e."

According to Daily Mail, Katie Robbins ordered the tights for her daughter Lexie from Chinese seller VC Blues Zone, who had a history of positive feedback on their page. When she received the tights, Robbins quickly realized the reason behind their stellar reputation.

Along with the product was a note that suggested if they didn't leave positive feedback, the employee who sent the item would be reprimanded by their "assh**e" boss.

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"I was a bit surprised at the language and I was glad that it was me who opened them, not Lexie," Robbins said, reported Daily Mail. "She was asking me why I was laughing and I had to say it was because of the funny pictures." 

"They're obviously trying to make people feel too guilty to leave bad feedback but to be honest I was quite happy with them anyway," she said. "The tights were a bargain and they actually came all the way from China really quickly, as soon as they were due to be delivered."

Robbins said she decided to give them positive feedback despite the hilariously shocking note, due to the quality of the tights and the quick shipping.

Though the note was seemingly harmless and mostly emotional blackmail, sometimes customer and employee relations result in intense situations. On Feb. 4, an Albuquerque, New Mexico, customer was arrested for pulling a gun on store employees for refusing to issue a refund on a down payment for a motorcycle, reported KRQE News.

Sources: Daily Mail, KRQE / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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