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Babysitter Caught Red-Handed Taking Inappropriate Photos Of Two Year Old

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An Arizona mother called police immediately after discovering pornographic material of her 2-year-old daughter on her babysitter’s cellphone.
Daniel Boyd Divit, 51, has been accused of taking explicit photos and videos of the 2-year-old he was allegedly babysitting on Saturday, July 18.
The footage showed someone performing sexual acts on a toddler who looked like the woman’s daughter. A pillow in the background of the video was identical to one in the victim’s house, according to a police report.
The first recording was time-stamped with Saturday, July 18, which both Divit and the mother claimed was the day he babysat the 2-year-old girl.
Authorities found 12 additional photos and videos, which dated back to more recent Saturdays in August when the mother was also at work.
All the images appeared to feature the same victim, who the police said was in visible pain, reports Daily News.
A forensic examination also revealed that the child’s injuries matched with the heinous acts seen on the video, confirming that she was sexually exploited.
After the little girl correctly identified Divit as her predator, he was locked up without bail.
Although Divit acknowledges that he had pornographic material of the child on his cellphone, he claims he “blacked out” on the memories of touching her inappropriately, The Arizona Republic reported.
The 51-year-old is now booked into jail on 31 counts of sexual exploitation and sexual conduct with a minor.
His hearing is scheduled for next Tuesday, August 18.

Sources: Daily NewsThe Arizona Republic  /Photo Credit: ABC15


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