Mother Finds Out Son Was Shot Minutes Later on Facebook


Nikkita Milledge’s son Anthony was shot and killed outside an Indianapolis apartment complex Saturday. She found out even before the police did— on Facebook.

“Saturday afternoon, I hadn’t heard from him and I called him at about 1:48 and he didn’t answer his phone. I later found out that at 1:48 Anthony was already dead. He had died at 1 o’clock,” Milledge told Fox 59.

Anthony Warren, 15, had spent the night at a friend’s house on Friday, the Daily Mail reported. Milledge became worried when her son still wasn’t home at almost 2 pm on Saturday, later than she expected him.

“Someone put on Facebook, "RIP Anthony, I will miss you" and then the phone calls started coming in to my house and cell phone,” Milledge said. 

19-year-old Brice Price was preliminarily charged with murdering Warren. He appeared in court on Wednesday, and is scheduled to appear again Friday, WISH reported. Investigators believe Price and Warren were involved in a robbery attempt, during which Warren was shot.

This is reportedly the fifth shooting this month in the Milledges' Indianapolis neighborhood.

Millegde has five other children, four sons and a daughter, all of whom are shocked and shaken by their brother’s sudden death.

“He loves everybody around the house. He takes care of everybody,” Johnny Milledge, Anthony’s brother, told Fox 59.

Anthony was a talented athlete who played football at the state level.

“I did everything to keep him busy but it wasn't enough,” Milledge told CNN. 'We all need to take a stand as mothers who have lost children.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Fox 59, WISH, CNN


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