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Mother Finds Offensive Photos Of 16-Month-Old Daughter Online

An Alabama mother discovered photos of her 16-month-old daughter turned into offensive memes on Facebook.

Ashton Hamner told WAFF the pictures she posted on Facebook of her daughter Lennox were altered to say awful things.

"I was mentioned in a comment and I found the pictures that had been stolen,” Hamner said.

"They were making fun of her for being bald and saying she had cancer and that I should kill her and that she was retarded and really hateful things. I cried. That's all I could do. I was very upset about it I just couldn't believe what I was seeing."

The mother from Hamilton, Alabama, reported the pictures and Facebook has taken them down. She has since changed her privacy settings so only close friends can access her pictures.

WAFF legal analyst Mark McDaniel said the photos are illegal: "They can repost it, but if they take my picture and put a heading under it then they are altering the situation there. Then you could get into situations depending on what the situation is you can get into situations of defamation of character."

Facebook's Help Center provides information detailing how users can adjust their privacy settings to restrict who can access and view their posts.

Sources: WAFF, Facebook Help Center / Photo credit: WAFF


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