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Police: Mother Finds Nude 25-Year-Old Burglar In Bed With 10-Year-Old Son

Ernest Reed Johnson was arrested on Sunday morning, four hours after police were called by a woman who said she found Johnson completely naked in bed with her 10-year-old son.

Tampa, Florida, police arrived to N. 22nd Street and E. Rampart around 4:34 a.m. Sunday morning in response to a burglary call. Johnson, 25, had fled the scene, according to WPTV.

According to the woman, Johnson jumped out the window and ran once he realized he’d been caught.

The police K9 unit discovered Johnson and he was immediately arrested and taken to Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department and booked.

According to reports, Johnson is not a known sex offender. He was charged with lewed and lascivious molestation, burglary of an occupied dwelling, and possession of burglary tools. No further details have been released at this time.

Nude intruders seem to be the trend this year.

Earlier this month, a Tulsa, Oklahoma, woman found a naked intruder in her garage. Shawn Miller was arrested after the woman called authorities, according to WFTV.

According to the police report, the woman screamed when she encountered the naked intruder. Miller was reportedly completely nude except for a pair of cowboy boots.

He fled from police but was arrested after cops used pepper spray on him.

“You just got to wonder what people are thinking,” neighbor Nathan Buckingham told reporters. “There is just crazy people everywhere.”

Miller’s bond was set at $40,000 and he is charged with burglary, outraging public decency, and running from police.

In January of this year, another naked intruder was arrested. Guillermo Brambila Lopez, 24, was arrested after breaking in to two separate homes near Portland, Oregon, according to NBC News.

At one of the locations, Lopez allegedly stripped nude, used the homeowner’s hot tub, and drank their alcohol. He also took a shower in the homeowner’s master bathroom.

Lopez was arrested after a house sitter called 911 when she encountered Lopez.

His bail was set at $82,500 and he is charged with burglary and criminal mischief.

Sources: WPTV, WFTV, NBC News

Photo: Wikimedia


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