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North Carolina Woman Recovering In Hospital After Fighting Off Burglars With Husband's Gun

A North Carolina woman is recovering in the hospital after getting into a gun fight in her home when two burglars broke in.

Samantha Bunce, 21, was at home with her 4-month-old son Bentley Nov. 3 when the two men kicked down the door, police say. In the ensuing exchange of gun fire, she suffered at least two gunshot wounds, WSOC reported.

Bunce, a combat medic with the National Guard, was able to get Bentley out of harms way.

“Not a scratch is on him. She brought the matter away from him and definitely protected him. She lay him down in the crib upstairs in our room. He was safe there,” Paul Bunce, Samantha’s husband, told WCNC.

Paul was at work at the time, and the couple’s daughter was at school.

Samantha reportedly retrieved Paul’s legally-owned pistol before confronting the burglars.

“I think it was a shock to the intruders just as much as it was to her, “ Paul added to WSOC.

Samantha was taken to Carolina Medical Center, where her condition is reportedly stable. Family members say she will require one more surgery.

“We are making progress. I am able to talk to her,” Paul told WCNC. “She is in and out because she is on medication and she has severe pain. We have a four-month-old son, so every couple of hours I am going over there to pump for her.”

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(Pictures of Samantha Bunce, Paul Bunce and their children. Photo Credit: Paul Bunce via WCNC)

One of the suspected burglars turned himself in to police on Nov. 7, WSOC reported. Reco Latur Dawkins Jr., 23, was charged with attempted murder, felony breaking and entering, and conspiracy to commit felony breaking and entering. He is set to appear in court on Nov. 10.

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(Reco Latur Dawkins Jr. Photo Credit: Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Police)

Neighbors have come to the family’s aid in the days since the attack.

“It’s a big shock to find something going on like that just a few houses down,” an anonymous resident told WSOC.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family and over $30,000 has been raised as of this writing.

Sources: WSOC, WCNC, GoFundMe / Photo credit: WSOC


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