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Women Arrested For Reportedly Cursing in Front of Her Children

A mother is facing charges after a witness claims to have heard her use profanity towards her children.

According to the incident report, Danielle Wolf was shopping at the grocery store Kroger around 10:15 p.m. on Sunday. She was walking down the bread aisle with her kids, who kept squeezing the bread, which is what, reportedly, trigged Wolf to swear in front of her children.

The woman who says she witnessed the incident noted that Wolf said the f-word repeatedly and even started cursing at her after she approached Wolf.

Wolf, however, maintains that the woman’s version of the story is not accurate.

The 22-year-old mother said that contrary to the woman’s account, Wolf didn’t tell her children they were smashing the bread. Instead, she notes that “I said that to my husband, that he was smashing the bread by throwing the frozen pizzas on top of it.”

Of the woman who claimed to have heard the cursing, Wolf said, “She’s like, ‘you said the f-word,’ and I’m like, ‘when did I say this to my kids?’”

Wolf was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct at the grocery store.

“He was like, ‘You’re under arrest'…right in front of my kids, in front of my husband, in front of customers,’” Wolf said of the North Augusta Department of Public Safety officer who arrested her.

According to North Augusta law, to “utter, while in a state of anger, in the presence of another, any bawdy, lewd or obscene words or epithets” amounts to disorderly conduct.

“I didn’t harm nobody. I didn’t hurt nobody,” said Wolf.

Wolf said that the woman later told her she didn’t Wolf arrested, but it was too late; of the woman’s actions, Wolf said, “so, because you’re having a bad day, you’re going to ruin somebody’s life.”

Wolf is due in court on September 12.

Sources: NBC4, WSPA

Photo Source: NBC4


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