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Mother Eagle Won't Leave Her Eggs During Snowstorm (Photos)

There are few things stronger than a mother’s love – regardless of the species. A mother bald eagle in snowy Philadelphia reminded us of that today.

Amazed onlookers watched on Thursday as a mother eagle protected her nest during a heavy snowstorm. The eagle was first seen shielding her eggs at the onset of the snowstorm, and she refused to budge even as nearly a foot of snow fell to the ground. At one point, only the eagles head and tail were visible.

Here, courtesy of the Pennsylvania Game Commission, are a few photos of the mother’s heroic act:

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Naturalist Jack Hubley told LancasterOnline that there’s no need to worry about the mother eagle’s safety – her feather insulate her from the cold.

“They raise and lower their feathers, increasing and lowering their body temperature,” he said.

The mother wasn’t alone in her quest to protect her young. At the peak of the snowstorm, the father showed up too and moved in to take over warming duties. Here are a few more pictures of the special moment:

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Sources: LancasterOnline, WTOP

Photo Credit: Pennsylvania Game Commission, WikiCommons


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