Mother Drives Minivan Full of Children Into The Ocean (Video)


A South Carolina woman drove a minivan full of children into the ocean in Daytona Beach, Fla., Tuesday evening.

Lifeguards rushed to stop the woman, pulling her and her three children, ages 3, 9, and 10, from the vehicle as it filled with water.

Investigators said the unidentified woman was incoherent when they tried to speak with her.

The ocean was rough. Outside of vehicle the waves nearly swept her under the van.

“It was a bit terrifying,” said Canadian tourist Simon Besner, who filmed the incident.

The woman and children were transported to a local hospital, according to Volusia County Beach Safety Ocean Rescue Capt. Tammy Marris.

Marris says her team is still investigating the incident.

Sources: WFTVNew York Daily News


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