Mother Dog and Nine Pups Saved


PETA's headquarters is hundreds of miles away from central Illinois, but that didn't stop PETA's Emergency Rescue Team (ERT) from coordinating the rescue of a mother dog and her nine newborn puppies, who were huddling in a barrel in the backyard of an abandoned house in a rural town without an animal shelter. A concerned woman alerted PETA to the situation, and ERT's staffers worked with the city's small police department to quickly get the dogs out of there and into a rescue group, where they are now safe, sound, and awaiting adoption.

Check out these tips on what to do if you spot animal abuse. Remember, cruelty to animals is a crime! Please, if you know of an animal in trouble, report it to your local police department and animal control immediately. Follow up with them to make sure that action is taken! Rally your friends, liaise with rescue groups, go to the media, and never, ever give up!

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post


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