Mother Dies After Swallowing Sons' Drugs In Attempt To Save Them From Arrest

A Spanish mother, aged 70, died on Monday after she swallowed her drug dealer sons' stash in an attempt to stop them from being arrested.

She was driving with her sons, ages 37 and 43, around 2:40 a.m. near Alcala de la Selva in Aragon. They were pulled over, and the woman quickly consumed the drugs.

Police officers noticed something was wrong with her and took her to a medical center nearby.

The woman died of a heart attack shortly afterward.

Her attempts at saving her sons from jail were dashed to the ground, however, as the police found cocaine and marijuana in their homes.

The men were suspected drug traffickers, and the drugs she consumed were going to be sold.

An autopsy is set to be performed later this week, which will reveal what type of drug the woman consumed.

Sources: NY Daily News, Heraldo


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