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Mother Defends Holding Son's Hand Over Hot Stove

Mother Defends Holding Son's Hand Over Hot Stove Promo Image

A Florida woman is facing child abuse charges after holding her 6-year-old son's hand to a hot stove.

Miriam Rebolledo was arrested in Miami on Nov. 9 after hurting the boy at their home, the Daily Mail reports.

The 29-year-old native of Colombia said she is not a bad mother, and was being judged unfairly because people don't know the whole truth, reports WPLG.

She explained that she was just trying to prevent her son from growing up to be criminal or a wife beater.

She told police that she decided to punish her son after being told by one of his teachers that he had hit another student. 

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"'The defendant stated she could not take it anymore, and had to use a more extreme form of punishment to teach the child a lesson," said police in a report.

Rebolledo defended herself in court by saying her son deserved it, accusing him of being a bully and an animal killer.

Miami-Dade County Judge Ariana Fajardo Orshan disagreed with her.

"You have the cutest son. I met him this morning," Fajardo said. "He is very sad that he has to go to foster care." 

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The judge added: "Maybe in Colombia it's OK to take the child and put their burning hand on a stove, but in the United States, it's not."

Colombia harbors one of the most violent societies in the world, according to Human Rights Watch. A 52-year armed conflict between the government and guerilla rebels has displaced almost 7 million Colombians, the organization reports. As a result, Colombia's number of internal refugees is second only to Syria. A 2016 peace agreement to end the conflict is still in the process of being implemented.

After posting $7,500 bail, Rebolledo addressed a group of journalists on her way out of the correctional center in which she was being held. "My son is so rebellious that he got to the point to kill an animal," she told a group of journalists. "What am I supposed to do?"

She continued: "All the news every day, you see young people --12, 13, 14 years old -- they end up in schools with guns, and in this country it's so easy to get guns. You want my son to grow up to be a bully who beats up on kids?" 

Rebolledo is awaiting her next court date.  

Sources: Daily Mail, WPLG, Human Rights Watch / Featured Image: Jonas Smith/Flickr / Embedded Images: Metro Dade Corrections via Daily Mail, Pexels

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