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Mother Deactivates Facebook After Posting Video Of Young Daughter Mistreating Her Cat (Video)

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A 31-year-old mother in Mexico deactivated her Facebook after receiving intense backlash for proudly posting a video of her young daughter mistreating their cat.

Molina Tapia’s video showed her daughter throwing the cat around by its legs, dragging it across the floor and even falling on top of it. The cat makes several attempts to get away from the girl to no avail. “My darling daughter with our pet cat,” Tapia wrote in her post.

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The video quickly began to spread, garnering hundreds of thousands of views. Animal welfare advocates expressed their horror on social media. “There’s a tight connection between treating animals badly and treating people badly,” animal rights group Justicia para Callejerit said in response to the video. “Children who abuse animals have a bigger risk of becoming violent adults.”

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Tapia promptly deleted her Facebook account after the video was posted. Mexico City police said they were unable to take action against the mother, as animal cruelty is not illegal in Mexico.

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