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Mother Cuts Her Own Wrists After Allegedly Murdering Her Two Children

A Palm Bay, Florida, mother allegedly killed two of her children, and critically injured another, before cutting her own wrists.

Jessica Lacey McCarty, 33, was found by police on her front lawn holding a butcher knife.

Police received a 911 call just before 6:00 p.m. on Friday from a woman claiming she had killed her three children and cut her own wrists, reports Florida Today. A second call from her boyfriend said that his child was not breathing.

All three children were found unresponsive and taken to an Orlando hospital, reports The Daily Mail. Laci McCarty, 7, and Philip McCarty, 6, were pronounced dead shortly after arrival. Christopher Swist, who is 5 months old, is in critical condition.

Police originally stated McCarty had stabbed the children with a butcher knife, but later retracted their statement and said it was unclear how the children were injured.

McCarty was released from Holmes Regional Medical Center and is now in the Brevard County Jail Complex. She has been charged with murder and attempted murder, and is being held without bond.

Neighbors in the usually quiet neighborhood have reacted to the tragic news.

"Just Thursday afternoon we were out here in the front yard and I watched a little boy get out of the house with his baseball uniform on and his blue shirt and his white pants and the little girl was riding her bicycle right here," neighbor Chris Kapps said. "... [A]nd just to come home after a Friday afternoon to find that she's shattered the lives of her family, [it] really shocked the community with such an event."

Kapps said Jessica was polite and quiet.

"She was very quiet," Kapps said. "They kept to themselves, but were cordial."

A stuffed animal and flowers were left by the scene by Kapps and his girlfriend, Kathleen Cano.

"They're kids. We wanted to show our love," Cano said. “My fiancée and I had a rough night's sleep, so we were compelled. I knew they were children we barely knew, but they were my neighbors, they were friendly. I can see them right now and it's just tough to have this go down the way it did."

Sources: Florida Today, The Daily Mail / Photo Source: The Daily Mail


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