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Mother Cow's Reason For Keeping Her Newborn Calf Hidden Will Break Your Heart (Video)

A cow who had previously had all of her babies taken away from her was caught trying to hide her newborn calf so that nobody could find it. 

Volunteers at the Australian farm sanctuary, Edgar’s Mission, discovered that Clarabelle, a former dairy cow, was pregnant after rescuing her hours before her scheduled slaughter in late November.

The Dodo reports that a week before her due date, volunteers noticed that Clarabelle was acting out of the ordinary — loss of appetite, staying at a distance and being wary of her surroundings. Then, after further investigation, it was discovered that she had secretly given birth to a calf, and fearing losing her newborn, hid it in a patch of tall grass.

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(Edgar's Mission via The Dodo)

Cows, like most mammals, have a strong maternal bond. Dr. Holly Cheever, a veterinarian, gives an account of a similar case by which a pregnant cow, knowing that her baby would be taken away from her, gave birth to twins.

She then brought one calf to the farmer and kept one hidden in the woods at the edge of her pasture. The farmer noticed her reduced milk production, found the baby, and, sadly, removed it from her as well.

Fortunately, baby Valentine, who was born on Feb. 14, is fated to live a long life at the sanctuary with her mother.

Finding Valentine from Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary on Vimeo.

Sources: The Dodo, Global Animal / Photo Credit: Edgar's Mission


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