Mother Charged In Teen's Drug Overdose Death


The mother of a teenager who died from an overdose in a motel has been charged in her death, along with two other adults.

Evangelique "Eve" Tarmey, 17, died of a fatal dosage of fentanyl at the Riviera Motel in Rochester, New Hampshire on Oct. 17. Ruben Patel, manager of the motel, said Tarmey's mother, Jazzmyn Rood, had been living there for weeks, reports Detroit News Time.

Fentanyl is a strong painkiller often used either mixed with heroin of in place of the illicit drug. According to Rochester Police Chief Michael Allen, fentanyl is three times stronger than heroin. Typical heroin users do not know they are receiving when their batch has fentanyl mixed with it, he said.

The mother reportedly allowed a male friend, Mark Ross, to give her daughter the drug. Ross was charged with conspiracy to commit possession of a controlled drug, dispensing a controlled drug, two counts of falsifying evidence, and tampering with witnesses. The mother was charged with endangering the welfare of a child, reckless conduct, and conspiracy to commit possession of a controlled drug.

Another woman, Leslie Aberly, faces charges of possession of a controlled drug, dispensing a controlled drug resulting in death, and tampering with witnesses.

In a press conference, Allen said that Rochester has had eight deaths as a result of the 98 drug overdoses reported this year, but this is the first case this year in which charges will be filed as a result of the overdose death.

"The fact that it is the mother of the victim makes it even more disturbing to me," Allen said.

Classmates at Spaulding High School are mourning the death of the teen.

"There's definitely been a lot of mourning, a lot of people are getting more serious about drug addictions at our school," Emily Benson, a classmate, told WMUR News.

Rochester School Superintendent Michael Hopkins said the district is planning to launch anti-drug events at the high school to prevent more students from becoming a victim to the drug epidemic.

"Rochester is one of the hot spots," Hopkins said. "And that's unfortunate. "So we really need to focus and let students and the community know what they can do to alleviate that."

Allen said Tarmey's death demonstrates the need for more enforcement and education about drug abuse. "Obviously the age of the victim, this being a juvenile, is very concerning to me," Allen said. "This epidemic really has no boundaries."

Sources: WMUR News, Detroit News Time, Fox News Boston, Union Leader / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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