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Mother Charged With Selling Second Daughter To Same Man For Child Pornography

A 24-year-old woman already facing charges that she sold her 18-month-old daughter into child pornography has now been accused of doing the same thing with another daughter.

The mother from Gary, Indiana, was originally charged in March for the incident regarding the first daughter.

In an indictment filed on Wednesday, the mother was accused of a second count of selling a child and permitting her to participate in pornography in regards to her second daughter.

Christopher Bour, 39, purchased the children from their mother for the purpose of using them to make pornography. He faces two counts of production of child pornography and was also facing a single count of the same charge from the first incident in March.

Bour wrote U.S. District Judge Rudy Lozano last month to request a second bond hearing, saying he didn't think the public defender he was assigned in March had his best interest at heart because he advised him to waive his right to a bond. Bour said he had never been in trouble with the law before and "had no idea what to do."

"This would be my first mistake in life and would like every opportunity to properly defend myself and get my house in order," he wrote.

His request was denied.

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