Mother Charged With Manslaughter After Baby, Husband Found Dead In The Woods


Brooke Sueann Floyd, 21, has been charged with manslaughter after surrendering to Yell County officers on Tuesday.

Floyd, of Greenwood, Arkansas, was found in a ditch with scrapes and bruises covering her body after apparently traversing the woods for some time. She reported to police that her husband and 10-month-old baby were missing, but did not tell authorities where she thought they could be.

Her husband, Brian Floyd, 33, and her baby, Harper Floyd, were found dead in the Ouachita Mountains after a four day search.

According to authorities, Mrs. Floyd and her husband took their baby into the rugged mountains after drug-induced hallucinations convinced them that they were being chased.

When questioned, Floyd admitted that she had been using methamphetamines during the time that led up to the incident.

"I asked her if she was taking any medication because she appeared to be hallucinating many of the events she described," wrote sheriff's Capt. John Foster Jr. in an affidavit. 

He later wrote, "She seemed to be indicating that they [Brooke and Brian Floyd] would tell each other what they were seeing or experiencing as they were hallucinating and then the other would believe they also saw or experienced the same thing."

The affidavit states that Mrs. Floyd continuously changed her story when police interviewed her. In addition, she did not seem remorseful of her actions.

Capt. John Foster wrote in the affidavit, "She did not show any emotion and did not appear to be frantic or even openly concerned about the baby's well-being."

The Daily Mail reports, "Preliminary autopsy reports said the child died of 'exposure and abandonment'. The cause of the husband's death was awaiting toxicology results."

As of this moment, Brooke Sueann Floyd is maintaining her innocence. Her lawyer, Bill James, has stated that he does not believe the woman is guilty.

Source: The Daily Mail


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