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Mother Charged With Leaving Her Kid In The Car Turns Herself In - While Her Kids Are In The Car

After Laquanda Newby of Henrico, Virgina, was charged with leaving one of her children unsupervised in a hot car outside of a Sam’s Club on May 26, she decided to turn herself into police.

Because the responding officer didn’t see Newby, 25, leave her child in the car, he was unable to arrest her at the scene. The officer decided not to issue a warrant and allow Newby to turn herself in instead.

However, when she went to turn herself in to Henrico County Courthouse on Monday, she left both of her children, ages 6 and 1, in the car. At the time, it was 90 degrees outside.

The children were in the car with the windows rolled up for more than an hour.

"Their shirts were wet, sweat rolling off their brows," Henrico Sheriff's Capt. David Kinkle told CBS 6. "They seemed to be OK, but it was very hot.” 

Deputies rehydrated the children and gave them snacks until they were reunited with their father.

Later that day, Newby was booked into jail and denied bail.

Sources: WTVR, AL / Image via WTVR


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