Mother Charged With Attempted Murder Of One-Year-Old Malnourished Baby


A Colorado mother is facing an attempted murder charged after her one-year-old baby was found severely malnourished and weighing only 10 pounds.

In December, 22-year-old Alicia Zamora took her young son, Jericho Curry, to the hospital. Upon examination of the infant, hospital officials called the police and refused to let baby Jericho leave. He reportedly weighed only 10 pounds and was malnourished.

Jericho’s family is no longer allowed to see him, and his mother has been charged with attempted murder. Her parents don’t believe that their daughter is guilty of trying to kill her child, saying that Jericho was premature and had always been thin.

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“He’s just been very thin from the beginning. He was a happy normal kid,” Jericho’s grandfather, Chris Marsh, said. “We did nothing but love him and take care of him.”

“Being the fact that he was two pounds and we experienced a prior premature baby, it wasn’t a super concern,” his grandmother, Carol Gonzalez, added.

The infant’s grandparents said they feel as if their daughter has been made out to be a bad mother from the time police first showed up to the hospital. “We right away felt like she had guns blazing pointing them at Alicia, making her out to be a horrid mother,” Gonzalez said.

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Jericho is currently in the custody of Human Services. His family said they are “prepared to fight” to get him back and clear Alicia’s name.

Sources: Fox 10 Phoenix, KDVR / Photo Credit: fox10phoenix.com


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