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Disabled Woman Chained To A Toilet For A Year, Mother Told People Social Services Had Taken Her

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A woman was taken into police custody after it was discovered that she locked her 25-year-old physically disabled daughter in a barn for a year, causing the young woman’s flesh to begin rotting away.

According to Mirror Online, a family member discovered Aneta Pokorskia chained to a toilet in a barn on property belonging to her mother, Maria. Portions of Aneta’s buttocks and thigh had begun to rot away, and she had reportedly suffered from frostbite and malnutrition.

Maria Pokorskia allegedly locked her daughter away after an argument with family members over who should care for Aneta. Pokorskia told the family member who discovered Aneta that a social worker had gained custody of her a year ago, but relatives eventually grew concerned that “nothing further was said about Aneta's location,” leading to the discovery in the barn.

The 53-year-old mother took measures to ensure that her daughter did not make any noise while being held in the barn, including putting a bed in the barn and sleeping there. A police spokesman revealed that the barn “had no heating and no water.”

“The daughter was chained to a home-made toilet. It was a chair with a hole cut into it underneath which was a bucket,” the spokesman said. “The mother used a different corner of the barn as a toilet. When officers found the daughter she looked like she had been in a death camp.”

Aneta was taken to the hospital, and doctors say that her recovery will require “extensive rehabilitation.”

“She can’t walk because of the muscle damage to her legs and she can’t talk because of her mental disability,” a representative said.

Both women were registered with social services because of their mental and physical conditions, which has prompted an ongoing investigation to determine why they were left alone for such a long time.

Maria Pokorskia, according to police, will not be prosecuted due to her mental illness.

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