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Mother Captures Photos Of 10-foot Alligator Wandering Around Her Neighborhood

Sonya Gilreath of Goose Creek, South Carolina, didn’t let her children play outside on May 14, and it was probably a good decision.

A 10-foot alligator invaded her community. The trouble started that morning when Gilreath heard someone yelling outside.

"I was upstairs and heard someone outside saying, 'Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!' then I heard a car revving up," she said.

A neighbor pinned the gator up against the shrub on her lawn with his car to stop the reptile from approaching a group of children who were walking to a school bus. She later watched the gator with her children from the relative safety of her porch, until it started to move.

Once the children were inside the house, Gilreath took a photo of 3-year-old Lyla and 2-year-old Jamesdan watching the alligator walk away.

Goose Creek Police issued this statement on its Facebook page: "If you see an alligator in your neighborhood, don't approach or attempt to handle them on your own. Our animal control officers will respond and determine the best course of action in these situations."

Sources: Facebook, WCSC

Image via WCSC


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