Mother of Bullied Boy Sues Illinois School District


Tracie Hunley claims that her son was bullied at school because of failed measures to protect him, and she is now suing St. Charles District 303 as well as the alleged bully and his parents.

Hunley is seeking more than $50,000 in addition to legal fees. The suit was filed Thursday in Kane County, Ill., where Hunley’s son attended Davis Primary School last year. He was 10 years old at the time of the alleged bullying.

According to Hunley’s claim, a fellow student repeatedly harassed her son. The district intervened, mandating that the two be separated while on campus. The entire staff was supposed to be informed of the separation strategy in writing, and both families were informed as well.

Despite the separation rule, the boys were both admitted to recess together one day last October. During that recess session, the bullying student hit Hunley’s son, knocking him down and causing “serious and permanent “ harm.

According to the suit, the bully’s parents should have stopped him from approaching Hunley’s son, or should have taken him out of school. The suit also charges that the school did not inform all employees of the separation tactic.

The district has a comprehensive anti-bullying policy that “Examines the appropriate steps to understand and rectify conditions that foster bullying, intimidation, and harassment; this contemplates taking action to eliminate or prevent these disruptive behaviors beyond traditional punitive disciplinary actions.”

Bullying is rampant in today’s classroom, according to a report by Business Insider. Nearly one in three American children in grades six to 10 are affected by bullying, and 60 percent of teens report seeing a bullying incident at school daily. On any given day, about 160,000 children don’t attend school for fear of being attacked or threatened by classmates. In addition, 10 percent of kids who drop out of school do so to escape bullying.

Sources: The Beacon News, C.U.S.D. 303, Business Insider


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