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Mother Brutally Attacked In Front Of 8-Year-Old Daughter (Photos)

A mother’s day out at the ball game with her daughter quickly took a turn for the worse when a group of thugs savagely attacked her for wearing the opposing team’s jersey.

Lorena Sabio, 33, took her daughter Altea to a soccer match between Boca Juniors and her local team, River Plate. The woman from Tres de Febrero, Buenos Aires was delighted to see her team come out victorious but a group of disgruntled Boca fans cut her celebrations short.

On her way home, Sabio said she was approached by a local man nicknamed “Ketchup” and his entourage. The man brutally attacked her in front of her eight-year-old daughter, leaving them both scarred for life.

“I had a great day with my daughter, our team won the match against Boca,” Sabio told MailOnline. “(The attacker) came up to me and I couldn’t believe it when he just punched me in the head.

“I was lying on the ground barely conscious and he told me to stay there and warned me that if I went to the police, I would pay the price,” Sabio explained.

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(via MailOnline)

Sabio went to the police and told them the identity of her attacker yet no arrests were made. She then took to social media to share the gruesome injuries she sustained from the attack.

“He has threatened me and his family have told me to stop the campaign but what more can they do to me? They have already ruined my face,” Sabio said. “I have difficulty even managing to eat and will need dozens of operations that I can’t afford to return my health.

“My daughter has nightmares,” Sabio continued. “The man is crazy and unless somebody stands up to him he will probably carry on doing it and next time kill someone.”

Source: MailOnline / Photo Credit: Wiki Media


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