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Mother Of Boy Who Was Killed Crossing The Highway Wants To Prevent Similar Accidents

A mother from Kansas City, Missouri, whose 13-year-old son died in an accident while crossing the highway, is hoping the tragedy will help prevent others from making the same poor decision. She says her son knew he should not try to cross a highway.

Jons’ey Sanders was hit and killed by a car on Highway 169 on Aug. 6 after he ran across the busy and dark highway. He had used the highway to get to his friend’s house but was struck on his way back to his father’s home.

“By him making that choice to run across the street, that hurts me so bad,” said Jons’ey’s mother, Latonya Jackson.

One of the last messages her son posted on her Facebook was a picture with the words “I love you” camouflaged inside.

“All I want anybody to know is he was a loving baby and he was my pride and joy,” Jackson said.

She said her son was with a group of friends and attempted to cross the highway to get to his father’s house. Jackson said that she taught her son right from wrong his entire life and she is heartbroken, reports Fox4KC.

“That hurt me so bad the choice that he made,” she said. “Nobody wanted to do it, he was the only one who wanted to do it.”

Jons’ey loved track, basketball and wanted to be an engineer when he grew up.

Jackson said her heart is breaking for the elderly couple that hit him and doesn’t blame them for being unable to prevent the accident.

“I feel sorry for her because she hit my baby and she didn’t see anything, I just want to reach out and hold her and let her know it’s OK I am not mad at her,” Jackson said. “I just want her to understand that I am here.”

The family will have a long road to recovery ahead.

“His daddy is taking it hard because he was in his care,” Jackson said. “He was daddy’s boy. He was daddy’s best friend.”

Jackson says she is trying to stay strong for the sake of her four other children who were all close to their brother. The family has not been able to view the body and is struggling to find closure, reports KMBC.

Sources: Fox4KC, KMBC / Photo credit: Screenshot via Fox4KC


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