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Family Holds Vigil In Memory Of Dead Infant As Mother Appears In Court On Murder Charge

Kristen Bury, the 32-year-old mother of a baby boy found buried in a shallow grave not far from her Florida home, was charged with murder in a Sarasota County courtroom on Oct. 17.

The baby, Chance Walsh, was reported missing Oct. 4 and made national headlines, People Magazine reported.

The alarm was raised by Chance’s grandmother, Sally Susino, who told police she had not seen Chance in a month and had heard contradictory stories from Bury and the baby's father, Joseph Walsh, about what had happened to him.

Bury and Joseph admitted that Chance died Sept. 16 and that they planned to leave Florida to start a new life, according to a probable cause affidavit released on Oct. 17 and obtained by ABC 7.

Bury reportedly told detectives Oct. 15 where they could find Chance’s body. The grave was located in a wooded area about 12 miles from the family’s home.

Bury was collected from a South Carolina jail by Florida detectives on Oct. 16. She and Joseph were detained there in the wake of Chance’s disappearance on charges of child neglect.

An unidentified woman who claimed to know Bury and Joseph was angered by the latest revelations.

“There are tons of resources out there,” she said, according to ABC 7. “You could have gone to an adoption agency. Even after you had the child and you did not want him, I do not understand why they didn't go to the fire department, the hospital, the police station, whatever the case may be.”

A vigil took place at a local church for Chance’s grieving family members.

“I don't know anyone here, but it just felt like the right thing to do, like your heart just aches for them,” Lauren Scott, who attended the vigil, said.

Bury was denied bond at her initial court hearing. Joseph also faces a first degree murder charge.

Sources: ABC 7, People Magazine/ photo credit: People Magazine, Sarasota County Sheriff's Office via ABC 7


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