Mother Attempts To Drown Two Young Children While High On PCP And Marijuana

A Texas mom is in police custody after attempting to drown her own children while high on PCP and marijuana.

35-year-old Sonya Gardner of Dallas has been arrested and charged with two counts of attempted capital murder for the incident involving her six and four-year-old sons.

According to reports, Gardner was frustrated with her two young boys because they wouldn’t stop asking her for a snack, so she decided to fill up a bathtub and drown them in it. As Gardner filled up the tub, her 18-year-old came to the rescue of hi siblings. The teen suddenly fired a gun in the air, kicked down the bathroom door, and grabbed his two younger brothers.

Despite saving the two young boys’ lives, police say Gardner’s 18-year-old son Jydesmon broke his parole by firing the gunshot. Still, authorities acknowledge that his actions saved two lives, and they are currently trying to bring him in for an interview as part of their ongoing investigation.

"It appears that his actions may have saved the lives of these two children," said Dallas Police Major Rob Sherman. "We would like to speak to Mr. Gardner as a witness."

Gardner’s family says they are shocked by what has happened and are still trying to process everything.

"We don't really understand why this happened but at the same time, it never happened before," said Gardner’s brother Ernest Gardner. "For this to happen this is totally out of her character."

Gardner has been placed in jail on a $1 million bond and remains detained as the investigation continues.


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