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Tutor Fired By Student's Mother Because She's A Lesbian


A mother asked a young tutor to stop teaching her son because she's a lesbian.

"Are you a lesbian?" the mother asked the tutor in a text. "I am, yes! Why do you ask?" the young woman replied. The mother then went on to explain that she did not want her to continue teaching her son because being gay was "against what I believe."

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The tutor responded to the mother's text, saying that being a lesbian has no impact on her ability to teach. "As he is a four year old student of mine it is hardly as though I'm going to be even mentioning that I'm a lesbian to him."

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"Just because you have not directly told him does not mean he can't be influenced by your lifestyle and I would like to save him from that for as long as physically possible," the mother fired back. "Children can be very easily influenced by a person in a position of responsibility and you should be ashamed that you are putting yourself in one when you are fully aware of the impact it could have on children."

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Mirror Online asked the tutor about the incident on Twitter. The young woman took the opportunity to clarify that she was not a school teacher, contrary to reports. She also maintained that she would not be pursuing legal action against the mother.

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Ultimately, the tutor decided that the best thing for her to do, especially after "a long day of turning people gay," was to have dinner with her girlfriend. 

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Source: Mirror Online / Photo Credit: Twitter via Mirror Online


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