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Mother Arrested For 'Intentionally And With Premeditation' Killing Her 10-Year-Old Son

A Kansas mother was charged with first degree murder yesterday after she admitted to killing her 10-year-old son.

Lindsay Nicole Blansett, 33, told police she murdered her son after she “decided he would be better off in heaven than to face the world’s problems.”

The Wellington, Kansas police report alleges that Blansett used a knife and a rock to murder her son, Caleb, in his sleep. Police received a call from the house soon after, and the boy was dead when they arrived.

The police report says Blansett “intentionally and with premedidation” killed Caleb. Early evidence indicates she bludgeoned him with a rock before stabbing him in the chest.

“That is what we intend to prove,” court attorney Kerwin Spencer told the Wellington Daily News. If convicted of her charge, Blansett could be sentenced to life in prison.

Blansett also has a daughter, but the girl was not harmed or involved in the incident. She has been taken into state custody for the time being. 

Sources: Wellington Daily News, KWCH / Photo Credit: KWCH


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