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Mother Arrested, Assaulted After Trying To Stop Police Officer From Shooting Dog (Video)

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A West Virginia State Trooper was caught on video (below) assaulting and arresting a woman who tried to prevent him from shooting her dog. 

The incident began when police responded to a neighborhood argument in Parkersburg, West Virginia. The homeowner involved in the argument, named Cliff, called police after his neighbor allegedly threatened him. 

“Things were going fine and my son decided to film for posterity sake in case anything should happen,” neighbor Randall Hupp explained. “There were two dogs present in the area at the time of the video, a black dog which was the neighbors dog that was running loose…and Cliffs dog, which was chained up.”

In the video, the dog is seen barking as the officers arrive. A trooper walks over towards the home and the dog approaches, prompting him to aim his gun at it. Hupp’s daughter, Tiffanie, quickly stepped in front of the officer to try and prevent him from shooting the animal. 

“The trooper approached with gun in hand, grabbed her by the arm and slammed her to the ground,” Hupp explained. 

“After the troopers realized that they had been filmed, they entered the home illegally without warrant or probable cause and confiscated all digital devices including my 4-year-old grandson’s tablet. We only recently received the devices back and released the video.” 

Tiffany Hupp is last seen in the clip being taken away in handcuffs by troopers and placed in a police cruiser. According to reports, she was later charged with misdemeanor obstruction.

Watch the intense moment below.

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