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Mother Arrested After Surveillance Footage Reveals What She Was Doing To Hospitalized Son (Photos)

A West Virginia woman who stands accused of injecting feces into her son’s IV may plead guilty at her hearing on Tuesday.

Candida Fluty, 36, faces charges of felony assault and endangering children after hospital surveillance showed her allegedly injecting feces into her son’s IV in the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

She was arrested on Jan. 17, and her arraignment hearing was on Friday. At the hearing, a judge ordered her to cease contact with her children.

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“I can’t really comment a lot at this time,” Fluty said after the arraignment, “but I would do anything for any of my children, no matter what, I would do anything for any of my children.”

Her son and other two children are reportedly staying with family members.

She was released from the Hamilton County Jail after posting a $50,000 bond, Fox 19 reported.

Her son, 9, is no stranger to hospitals as he has been battling Hirschsprung’s disease for most of his life. The disease affects the colon.

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His mother reportedly suffers from a mental disorder known as Munchausen by proxy.

“Munchausen by proxy is when usually a parent does something to make their child appear sick to get a psychological gain or response for the parent,” Dr. Stephen Strakowskis, a professor of psychiatry at the UC Medial Center, tod Fox 19.

He added that the abuse from the parents often goes unreported.

Some claim that the mother injected feces into his IV bag in order to sustain a bacterial infection.

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“It was fecal matter and there was also, apparently, some urine and vaginal cells in material,” said prosecutor Joe Deters.

The mother was expected to possibly plead guilty to the charges at her hearing on Monday, Fox 19 reports. The hearing was pushed to tomorrow, however, after she failed to appear in court.

Source: Fox19(2)WSAZ

Photo Credit: Hamilton County Justice Center via Fox 19


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