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Mother Arrested After 2-Year-Old Suffered Brain Injury And Human Bite Marks

A Louisiana mother was arrested Jan. 14 after her 2-year-old son had a brain injury and officials discovered he had human bite marks.

Doneisha Renee Carter, 20, sought medical treatment for the boy after he started exhibiting seizurelike symptoms, began vomiting, refused to eat and complained of headaches, WBRZ reports.

Upon admitting the child to a pediatric ICU, a CAT scan revealed the brain injuries were likely caused by intentional trauma and not seizures.

Authorities were contacted and asked the mother for an explanation.

Carter reportedly admitted was not the first time her son paid a visit to the emergency room.

The mother explained the child has visited the hospital multiple times since he was 6 months old, saying he had been suffering from symptoms that were similar to those of a seizure. She said she misinterpreted these for temper tantrums.

When detectives asked about the bite marks, Carter said she believed either an insect or her 4-year-old nephew bit her son.

A forensic odontologist told officials he believes the bite marks could not be from another child. In addition, a doctor discovered the child had multiple bite marks all over his body in different stages of healing, indicating the bites happened over a long period.

Further adding to suspicion, Carter’s family members revealed to police the mother often left the child unsupervised.

The child’s brain injuries mean he will require speech and physical therapy.

Officials issued a warrant to arrest Carter after she did not show up for further interviews at the sheriff’s office on Jan. 9.

Authorities are charging Carter with second-degree cruelty to juveniles.

Sources: WBRZ,The Advocate / Photo credit: The Advocate

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